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Northern Steel Fabrications has been supplying home and factory maintenance services to Townsville and other regions for the past 20 years. Some of our customers have even been with us from the very beginning!

From rusted out posts on your patio to mine maintenance and factory maintenance, we are the fix-it company when a repair needs to be carried out, or an item needs to be replaced. We take a great deal of pride in doing the job once and doing it well. 

With a free quote, we can carry out any repair that you need: from rusty posts to replacing gate frames, wielding on new gate hinges to box trailer repairs. We also fabricate shade sails posts and hot-dip galvanize and powder-coat by local suppliers, to ensure that your home maintenance looks great for years to come!

If it is made of steel, we can repair or replace it.

Other Services

We also include a free quote with any service!

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